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AMS : the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) is an experiment to search for dark, missing & antimatter on the space Shuttle and the International Space Station Alpha (ISSA)

AMS STS-91 Shuttle Flight data base access

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Data Transfer from JSC to Milano during STS-91 flight
AMS-Milano page and other links

Mechanical Designs

INFN-Milano Scientific data centre

INFN-Milano Scientific data centre pictures

RICH front-end electronics

Web link to AMS experiment at CERN
Web links to Physics related topics
AMS Shuttle flight : STS-91 mission
Shuttle angles and reference system
AMS at KSC (Kennedy Space Centre)
NASA - KSC video feeds
International Space Station
AMS-Physics Potential on ISSA

Conferences and Workshops :

CERN Web list
2003 Int.Conf.on Advanced Technology and Particle Physics




Physics topics, in particular those ones investigated by the AMS-Milano group, and STS-91 Shuttle flight data related links are found inside this page. For instance:

Models of interstellar antiproton secondary production
Geomagnetic rigidity cut-off
Rigidity Cut-Off Page
Geomagnetic Coordinates
Effect of Solar Modulation

Charge Drift Modulation Effect
Monte-Carlo approach to Solar Modulation
CIP simulator 

There have been many fundamental discoveries
measuring light rays (photons),
AMS is a detector that measures charged cosmic rays
on ISSA and on Space Shuttle


Shuttle Orbiter Discovery

AMS International Collaboration: AMS Institutions