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Usage: The utility displays AMS-02 Data files transfered @CNAF which name contains the string selected. Select the data set in the first row and press SUBMIT DATASET button. Then write the string or the file name that will be searched and press SUBMIT STRING button. The bottom left panel will display the file names, containing the string, with the directory, the size (in byte) and the Adler32, indexed with a progressive number.
Attention: The Utility shows all the files trasfered @CNAF from 1st of January 2011. If you are looking for olders files, please contact AMS DT staff.

MonteCarlo Simulation
String to search (eg. 1234 or 1261234288.00000002.hbk or hbk. Blank selection will show all the files in dataset.)
Searching Dataset:

String to Search:
Total Size (GByte):
Files Number :